Mindo Los Tucanes


Canyoning is an outdoor activity and extreme sport practiced in canyons, that may include walking, climbing, jumping, rappelling, and swimming.  Hike up through the amazing canyons and ravines of Mindo, then rappel down with climbing gear to enjoy a combination of nature and adventure.   Enjoy up to 3 beautiful waterfalls while rappelling down and through rushing waters.  Expert guides will be there to demonstrate the proper techniques of this activity. After a rain there may be debris and obstacles blocking the path, so be ready for an adventure.

Hike Tibetan Bridge Mini-Tarabita

It is a 10 minute hike to the reserve where you will cross the Nambillo River by means of a mini-tarabita or the Tibetan Bridge (three-rope bridge). On the other side with the help of the guide, you will be equipped with all the safety equipment needed to begin the activity. Make your way up to the first waterfall to begin rappelling and descending through the three different waterfalls (12m – 15m – 25m). At the end of the activity you can enjoy the river, trails and nature that the Mindo Los Tucanes Reserve has to offer.

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