Mindo Los Tucanes

Welcome to Mindo


Mindo is located 40km (25miles) North of Quito, Ecuador in the Cloud Forest of the Andes Mountain Range.  Home to the Ancient Yumbo civilization 1500 to 800 A.D. before the Rise of the Incans. Mindo was a strategic resting point for travelers journeying from the highlands of Ecuador to the coast.  The origin of the word Mindo has two different interpretations. The first meaning comes from Mindaleas or merchants, and the second meaning from the Quichua language, “Land of the Guavas”. 

Mindo is located in the Mindo-Nambillo Ecological Reserve which includes a total of 19,200 hectares of land.  The Guagua Pichincha volcano, only 25km from the town, and the mountainous terrain contribute to altitudinal differences, which create microclimates suitable for many different species of animals. In 1997 Mindo was named a globally important Bird Area, due the 450+ species of birds that can be found there. In recent years this amazing town has become a tourist destination not only for bird watchers and nature lovers, but also for people looking for adventure and extreme sports.  Sports, like Canyoning, Tubing and Zip-ling, have become popular tourist attractions.  For the nature lovers who don’t wish to stay in the town, there are many hostels and hotels located in the heart of the Cloud Forest. You can also find a range of delicious cuisine, from the famous Trucha to the delicious Ceviche de Palmito. 


The climate of Mindo is subtropical, with annual rainfall of 2525mm (99.4in), a maximum temperature of 24.5C (76.1F), a minimum temperature of 13.7C (56.7F), and an average annual temperature of 19.3C (66.8F).


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